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Why dont i get a response from the server after sending the json request,what am i doinfg wrong

            // If user clicks to send a message on a empty message box, then don't do anything.
            if($("#msg").val() == "") return false;


                            time: timestamp,
                            action: "postmsg",
                            message: $("#msg").val()
                    function(load) {
                                                    $("#msg").val(""); // clean out contents of input field.
                                                    // Calls to the server always return the latest messages, so display them.

Django views function:

   def ajaxcall(request): 
     #I have tried both the return statements and there are no exceptions since see the logging
     #return HttpResponse(simplejson.dumps(response), mimetype='application/javascript')
     #return response
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I'm not sure your syntax for the jQuery POST is correct.

Here's an example:

    '/url/to/post', // url to submit to
    $("#myform").serialize(), // be sure to serialize form before submitting
    function(data) { // run after form submit

The order here is important to remember. The second argument is expected to be the data, but your second argument appears to be a call to alert.

If you're submitting a form, or something from a form, you need to serialize the form element.

To get more control over this process you might want to try using the lower-level $.ajax() function in jQuery.

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