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I'm currently using LOAD DATA INFILE in my query, but I am not sure how to separate the data

The data is in the following format firstname:lastname

$this->db->query("LOAD DATA INFILE 'names.txt' 
                  INTO names firstname lastname 
                FIELDS TERMINATED BY ':'");

How would I use this to take the data from the text file and split firstname:lastname to insert firstname into firstname & lastname into lastname?

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Did you try to execute the command "load data " that you have mentioned above? –  programmer Jan 31 '11 at 6:00

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I'm assuming your table name is names. In which case the query should be:

"LOAD DATA INFILE 'names.txt' 
    INTO TABLE names
    (firstname, lastname)"

Then of course you have to execute the statement.

Also take care of newline characters, field enclosure characters and field escape characters, for which you specify [LINES] TERMINATED BY, [FIELDS] ENCLOSED BY and [FIELDS] ESCAPED BY respectively (square brackets meaning that you only specify LINES or FIELDS once).

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