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Let's say I have 2 classes A.java and B.java and there is private int a in A class like that :

public class A {
    private int a;

and I use this class in class B that I want to know or attach an handler to the field int a; that to know it's value change in every asynchronous call. Let me more explain :

public class B {
     private A aClass;

     public static void main (String ... args) {
           aClass = new A(); // now the int a; is changed how do I know this

           // user may call many asynchronous method in class A and I want to know
           // the changing value of int a; from A class in B class

Which design pattern should I use? What solution do you offer?

Thanks in advance,

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Observer pattern or here

B registers itself as the observer of A. A is the subject and B is the observer in this diagram.

Whenever the "a" changes, A notify()'s all the registered Observer's.

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can you explain more ? –  user467871 Jan 31 '11 at 6:37
@hilal - updated my post –  Pangea Jan 31 '11 at 6:51
public class A {
    private int a;
    private B observer;

    void setA(int i) {
        a = i;

    void registerObserver(B b) {
        observer = b;

Add a B object in A, and recall B's method.

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You could turn class A into a JavaBean and add support for PropertyListeners. However, you first have to register one with your A() instance.

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