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I have a large string which need be replaced a few times. Such as

var str="Username:[UN] Location:[LC] Age:[AG] ... "

//lots of replace

Is there a way to put those FIND and REPLACE parameters to an array, and replace all of them at once? Such as:

reps = [["UN","Ali"], ["LC","Turkey"], ["AG","29"], ...]
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No jQuery is required.

var reps = {
  UN: "Ali",
  LC: "Turkey",
  AG: "29",

return str.replace(/\[(\w+)\]/g, function(s, key) {
   return reps[key] || s;
  • The regex /\[(\w+)\]/g finds all substrings of the form [XYZ].
  • Whenever such a pattern is found, the function in the 2nd parameter of .replace will be called to get the replacement.
  • It will search the associative array and try to return that replacement if the key exists (reps[key]).
  • Otherwise, the original substring (s) will be returned, i.e. nothing is replaced. (See In Javascript, what does it mean when there is a logical operator in a variable declaration? for how || makes this work.)
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+1, although: This assumes the replacement will never be an empty string. @user: If sometimes the replacements are empty strings, change the body of the function to var rep = reps[key]; return typeof rep === "undefined" ? s : rep; – T.J. Crowder Jan 31 '11 at 6:55

You can do:

var array = {"UN":"ALI", "LC":"Turkey", "AG":"29"};

for (var val in array) {
  str = str.split(val).join(array[val]);
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