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I've just installed git on my production server and added all my production code under /httpdocs/ to my git repository and committed it.

I've now setup my development webserver to use /httpdocs/dev/ as its HTML root directory and want to use /dev/ as my staging and dev directory.

How do I use git to create a branch on /httpdocs/dev/ such that I can make changes, commit it, and then checkout to my /httpdocs/ folder?

Thanks, Git Newbie

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Arrowmaster, thanks for the tip! I eventually decided to use as my remote repository - I did have to sign up for the Micro plan ($7/month) so I could have a private repository but I feel it was well worth it to have my code backed and have simple point-click navigation of my repository using I also decided to register a new domain,, so I could easily make changes there and push to my private repository. They also support post-receive hooks so I'm looking into that right now. –  Quy Le Feb 2 '11 at 1:01

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You can read more on this webpage for more details but basically you can create a bare repo on your server with git init --bare then add a post-receive hook to the bare repo with the following.

GIT_WORK_TREE=/httpdocs git checkout -f
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"cd /httpdocs/dev", followed by a "git init". Done.

Please read the documentation, they are there to explain how to do these very simple tasks.

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