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I have generated a table with JQuery csv2table plugin. How could I insert checkboxes in every table box?

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I don't know the plugin, but in general .append()help and .appendTo()help should help you out here.

$('<input>', {
    type:  'checkbox'
}).appendTo(/* "#tableid" or "#tableid td" or "#tableid .tablebox" */ );

In referrence to your comment. You can use jQuerys :nth-childhelp selector to have a query like I believe you want. For instance

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+1 your method is better :D –  TheVillageIdiot Jan 31 '11 at 8:00
Thanks jAndy! One more question here. If I just want to add checkbox to some of the table box, such as 3<col<8, how could I do that? I guess I have to append them to specific elements. Does that mean I have to gave each table box an id? –  jcadam Jan 31 '11 at 9:35

Or you can also use the insertBefore method:


$('<input type="checkbox" name="namehere" />').insertBefore('selector');
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Assuming you want a unique id for each checkbox you can .append() the input using the .each() method in order to use the index for the id:

  $(obj).append('<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox'+i+'" name="checkbox'+i+'">');
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    var counter=1;
    var chk="<input type='checkbox' id='chk_'"+counter+"'/>";

    $("table#t tr td").each(function(){

try here

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