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I am executing the following lines:

  String queString = "some query string"
  Query q1 = em.createNativeQuery(queString, T03CallsLog.class);
  T03CallsLog newCall;
  newCall = (T03CallsLog) q1.getSingleResult(); //this line cause the exception after         the first time

wierd situation. if i only execute it with one instance it works fine, but if i do it parallel with more then one instance(mdb's) then the first one is executed without any expcetions, and all the rest get this error:

10:04:50,750 ERROR [log] ECMSDispatcherMdb.onMessage, error: No entity found for query

any idea what could cause it? and how it works the first time, but for all the rest of the isntances it doesnt?



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show us the entity mapping –  Bozho Jan 31 '11 at 8:19

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The error message usually tells you, that the query returned no result. And so getSingleResult() fails.

Consider using getResultList() and test the result with isEmpty() if you expect empty query results:

T03CallsLog newCall = null;
List results = q1.getResultList();
if (!results.isEmpty())
   newCall = (T03CallsLog) results.get(0);
   // is it a problem? -> log.
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If a query returns no result, a NoResultException is thrown by getSingleResult(). Are you sure, the seconds MDB, will get any results by your query?

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