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In my windows I'm able to install the django by running the python file setup.py install.

But after that, I'm unable to start a project by saying django-admin.py startproject newsite. All it gives me is opening a textfile showing the django-admin.py!

Show me a way out guys

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The default behavior for cmd is to simply "open" the file, which in the case of .py for you is associated with a text editor (me too). Try python django-admin.py startproject.

To make it fool proof, locate your python.exe and type in \path\to\python.exe \path\to\django-admin.py startproject myproject

Actually, you said it worked for setup.py install so it sounds like you have the python working correctly.

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Add path to python to your system %PATH% variable. And then run python django-admin.py startproject newsite

But first I recommend you to read this: http://docs.python.org/using/windows.html

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I solved this as follows:

  • Added this to the end of my User Variable PATH: C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts
  • Added a new System Variable PYTHONPATH and set to: c:\Python27\Lib;c:\Python27\Scipts

Be sure that you close all cmd windows and open a new cmd prompt window after you've set your new environment variables.

Hope this helps.

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Well well ..I was just having the same problem..and the problem was not related to any path variables. The Problem was because of the default python viewer wingIDE. I had changed the default opening of python file from IDLE to wing IDE, this was the problem. To solve this ..

  • click any python file and open its properties and change the "opens with" to IDLE. This should solve the problem if you had installed django according to the instructions from django site. However, the path setting said above are must and inevitable.

...Cheers and happy coding!!

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