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I have one text box control on aspx page in my .net application.

and in code behind on page load event i wrote:

txt.Text = "Sample"

Now if build website on system [ windows XP ] it build properly but on system [ Windows 7 Enterprise ] it showing following error:

" Name 'txt' is not declared "

enter image description here

What would be the reason.Is that environment specific problem.I am using VS 2008.

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had issues similar to this before, usually caused by the designer not updating after adding new control to the page. to fix i would recommend

  1. taking the textbox with id of txt out of the page.
  2. then save the page.
  3. now close the aspx page.
  4. re open the aspx again
  5. place textbox control with id txt back onto the page again and save.

think it should work now.

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Its annoying how the designer gets out of sync sometimes.I seem to get less of these issues when I drag n drop things onto the designer surface than when I hand code them in. Unfortunately, 99% of the time I hand code my markup. –  5arx Jan 31 '11 at 9:50

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