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My Jgrowl code is:

    $(document).ready(function() {
        $.jGrowl("<strong>Error!</strong><br />An invalid ID was passed and your template could not be loaded", { sticky: true, theme: 'test' });

And my CSS in the Jgrowl CSS is:

    background-color:       #000000;

But it's not applying that CSS to the box. I'm probably misusing the theme option, but am struggling to find much documentation on it.

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The .test background-color is overridden by the "div.jGrowl div.jGrowl-notification" style. You could make the .test style !important:

    background-color:       #000000 !important;

or access the .test class more specifically like so:

"div.jGrowl div.jGrowl-notification.test"

this will override it too

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