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In JFileChooser Java swing component I need to change all text elements (for translation):

File name: (JLabel)

Files of type: (JLabel)

Cancel (JButton)

Unfortunately, it is not any methods for that..

Is there any way I can do it?


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Check this post. It's quite clumsy, but works.

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thanks, the only problem is - all future JFileChooser instances will be translated also, but I wanted only for my instance.. – VextoR Jan 31 '11 at 11:58

The Swing components in Java are fully able to understand internationalization. This article explains the details and shows an example of how it can be accomplished.

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If you only need to translate JFileChooser text, I would suggest you change JFileChooser locale (by calling JFileChooser#setLocale(Locale)) instead of hacking you way into JFileChooser its internals. Indeed, all JFileChooser texts are locale dependant. As a consequence, changing locale to be the one you want will alter these texts with less efforts.

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UIManager.put("FileChooser.fileNameLabelText", "FileName");
UIManager.put("FileChooser.filesOfTypeLabelText", "TypeFiles");
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Normally JFileChooser@setLocale(Locale) works as Riduidel says. On Mac OSX though this is ignored.

On Mac OSX to correctly set the default locale you call UIManager.getLookAndFeelDefaults().setDefaultLocale(Locale); Note that this only works for Java 8 and not for Java 7!

It seems that even though for every other Look and Feel you use UIManager.getDefaults().setDefaultLocale(Locale); for the Aqua look and feel this doesn't work. It looks like in in the method protected void installStrings(JFileChooser paramJFileChooser) the calls to UIManager.getString() do not use the locale whereas other installStrings() methods, for example in BasicFileChooserUI, do use the locale in the protected void installStrings(JFileChooser) method.

Aqua: UIManager.getString("FileChooser.cancelButtonText");

Basic: UIManager.getString("FileChooser.cancelButtonText",l);

fileChooser.setLocale(Locale); is still ignored on OSX though.

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