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I have a batch file with an external configuration file. Say I needed to delete files specified in a configuration file as a delimited list on one line. The files could look like this:


for /f "tokens=* delims=;" %%b in (%DATA_10%) do (
CALL DEL "%%b%"

The batch code should iterate through the list of files and delete them.

If I have another external file assigned to %DATA_10% variable which contains the list of files to delete one per line then it works perfect. However what I need is the files to be extracted from config.cfg as you see above (all on one line) otherwise I would have too many config files required in my batch.

Any idea for a solution?

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If config.cfg only contains one line with your data, you could use

set /p DATA_10= < config.cfg

But your FOR /F loop expands only once per line, so it can't work this way. You could change it to

FOR %%a in (%DATA_10%) do (call del "%%b")

But you should be sure not to use * or ?, because they are interpreted as wildcards in a "normal" for-loop

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Brilliant, it really worked using your normal for-loop without specifying a delimiter. I don't need to use wildcards now either since the delete works on folders too. Thanks for showing the right direction.. – David Jan 31 '11 at 14:12

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