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below you can see my program output.While my device begin to boot, through serial port I send serialport1.write("\n"); and i topped the autoboot. then I must send three commands with serialport1.write command. if the thread sleeps before the command the commands are executed but i see the result after the commands done. I mean if i get slept the thread 1 sec before the commands, for 3 commands i see the result in richtextbox after 3 seconds. Why? Is there any other good way to executing the commands? my code is below.


_data = _serialPort.ReadExisting();
if (_data.StartsWith("Hit"))
    _serialPort.Write("set moviargs...\n");


Hit any key to stop autoboot: 3 2 1 0

SMDKV210 # set moviargs "setenv bootargs console=ttySAC2,115200 smsc95xx.macaddr=00:09:DF:90:00:03"

SMDKV210 # saveenv

Saving Environment to SMDK bootable device...


SMDKV210 # boot

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Actually how i can pause and continue my program between commands except using thread.sleep() ? Thank you –  james dietriq Jan 31 '11 at 12:14

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You're UI won't update in Thread.Sleep.

Add some Application.DoEvents step before each 'Sleep' call to update the UI. (or run the code talking to the serial port on a background thread)

The Application.DoEvents call should handle 'waiting' events like screenupdate but will also try and start button clicks. You'd have to add a mechanism to disable button clicks(just disable the buttons).

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