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I have a document library in Sharepoint 2010. Is it possible to click on the check boxes next to a document name and convert the documents to pdf? I can't seem to find an option to do this. If not can I programmatically generate the pdf's and add them to the library.

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Actually, if you have some programming skills you can create your own EventReceiver for every item added/updated to convert a word document to a PDF. By using Word Automation Services.

check this out:

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You'll need a third party product as PDF Conversion doesn't come with SharePoint, unless you count the very basic MS-Word only conversion that is available in some editions of SharePoint 2010.

Have a look at this product, it does exactly what you want, including the checkboxes in SP2010, and can be used via workflows and web service calls as well.

Additional information as well as real world examples can be found here.

Disclaimer, I work for this vendor so it is a shameless plug. Yet it answers your question :-)

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Thanks for the full disclosure. – Kit Menke Jan 31 '11 at 16:24


Or you can use dynamic PDF documents, which can be integrated with Document Library as content types. Have a look at this product: it allows submitting Pdf forms using Adobe Reader (no Reader Extensions are necessary).

Disclaimer: I am using this product and happy with it. It has some limitations but nothing drastic.


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MS Word provides the convert function, you can open the Word document and save as PDF format in the document library. Also, there are some third-part tools can help you to solve this issue, such as BoostSolutions PDF Converter.

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