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I'm designing a small BMS-like(building management system) software product. At this point my goal is to make something more like a building monitoring system.

Building monitoring system

Basically what i have here is:

  • A few 1-wire networks connected to few small controller PCs(microATX intel atom based), two in this case
  • Controller PCs are connected using a switch, Ethernet/IP
  • A server which houses a mysql database, the server is connected to the internet
  • Controller PCs connect to this database and insert sensor readings into it
  • Controller PCs also read the database and configure sensors according information provided
  • A client software connects to the mysql database and displays all the sensors and their readings
  • A client software can change sensor configuration

Client would see something like this: Client software

  • "Red boxes" are temperature sensors, client would see them updated at regular intervals, say 30 seconds (or as soon as new data is available?)
  • Systems sensors would also include ADCs and 8-channel addressable switches

And now the questions regarding this design:

  • Would it be OK, to query the database all the time for new sensor readings? Say every second or two?
  • All the communications are done through the database only. Is this OK?
  • All the information about devices (deviceID - name mappings, sensor readings, error log, sensor configuration(where sensors are to be displayed on client screen too) are stored in database.
  • Controller PCs would have to regularly query database for sensor configuration changes, is this OK?

At this point I need less than 100 sensors and mostly monitoring functionality. But i would like to add some more features later, like controlling some actuators depending on sensor readings.

How would you design system like this? How would you manage communication between client software, controller PCs and sensor networks and sensors?


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Using the database is fine, that is what they are for.

Consider 100 sensors updating every 5 seconds (much more often than you say you need), which is 20 inserts/second.

Your laptop can handle that w/o blinking.

Querying the DB every second or so is also fine, but you have to be just a wee bit clever. Save somewhere (in the db, in an external file, doesn't matter) the last time you queried, and query for anything new since that time, or anything that has a problem. Index on the timestamp column and you are fine.

But generally I would say you are fine to put this into a database, and after that you are likely better off breaking this up into multiple questions that you ask as you go.

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