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well i have a problem, im using Ajax with Jquery, using the Jquery.Load() function. Happens that i want to have a "countdown" javascript on a certain page. The problem is, when i call that page with ajax, it does all normally, but if i click the link again, the countdown doubles speed, if i do again it keeps going faster and faster. There is some script to flush the old script and start again? or to not load again the script? Thankyou

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It sounds like something is calling either setInterval or setTimeout every time you $.load. That code would need to be modified so that it the countdown is only started once. Since you haven't pasted your code, all I can suggest is something that looks like this...

if (!window.timerId) {
    window.timerId = setInterval(callback, interval);

// later, when the countdown is over:
window.timerId = null;
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