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I need to compare two sentences and return true if all the words of $string1 are in $string2 in same order. The word match has to account for singular/plural and omit the articles "a, an, the" from the match. What is the best approach to find the singular/plural comparison of words?

$string1 = " i have a sunglass";
$string2 = " i have sunglasses in my purse";
$string3 = " the sunglass i have is blue in color";

$string1, when compared to $string2 should return true but with $string3 it should result false.

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What have you tried so far? Please share any code or algorithms you've come up with.

You can split a string into an array of words in Perl using split.

For stemming, have a look at Lingua::Stem on CPAN.

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