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When we do merges with Beyond Compare there is a "Take Left" or "Take Right" option for each conflict.. is there any way to do a "Take Left for all conflicts"? I've seen this in other merge tools (Kidff3 has it) but I can't see it in Beyond Compare.

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Sorry, I didn't think through my answer completely so I deleted it. I don't believe there's a way to do it. – Niall C. Jan 31 '11 at 15:23
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Change the display filter to Show Conflicts (View->Show Conflicts), then in one of the input panes use Select All (Ctrl+A) followed by Take Left (Ctrl+L) or Take Right (Ctrl+R).

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To follow up on what Craig said, Beyond Compare version 3 operates slightly differently. View->Show Conflicts is now View->Show Context.


  • Take Left is now Copy to Left (Ctrl+L)
  • Take Right is now Copy to Right (Ctrl+R)

The two mentioned points could be vexing for someone who reads this with V3, because Take and Copy could be seen as opposites.

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My comments were for v3. Beyond Compare 3 Pro has a dedicated merge interface that takes 3 input files (yours, mine, and a shared ancestor) and shows the automatically merged results in a fourth output panel. The commands you're referring to only appear in the 2-way compare, which you can use for merging, but it can't detect conflicts, handle the merge automatically, or tell you which side a change came from. That is how we document "merges" for v2 and v3 Standard, which don't support the full merge interface though. – Zoë Peterson Aug 13 '13 at 21:00

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