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I maintain a large site with 100s of static html pages.

I am looking for a tool that allows users to edit the metadata on individual webpages.

For instance:

  • instead of users inputting dates "- I want them to have a dropdown.

  • i am using a cloud tag, instead of them typing in tags, I want drop downs.

Basically I dont want the users to be entering metadata manually - error prone.

Are there products out there? Or what would you suggest?

Free or cheap is a must!

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A simple and open source CMS is not an option? – Reto Aebersold Jan 31 '11 at 15:25
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This question should go on It is not programming related.

However I think that programmers who are experienced enough to do that themselves would say the best would be to write your own thing.

I myself advocate this as well because you can better suit it to your needs and the use case is so trivial, limited and makes only sense in a bigger product - so that I cannot imagine someone would "do" such a thing as a generic project.

Its basically just authenticating your users in some way, then building an html form and saving the values to a database. from this html tags are generated and put into the sites.

Well your sites are not static than anymore. So you could write a tool that re-writes the pages at user submit but this.. well... sounds rather stupid to me. however its possible.

Last but not least let me mention that in my opinion meta tags are thing of the past. No search engine honors them really as they are mostly abused for black hat seo.

The only thing that justifies them for me are title and description as a convinience factor for the user (e.g. when bookmarking) and when displaying search results.

And those - are - free text fields.

What is however getting more and more important are semantic topologies to classify your website in the semantic web. For example OWL tags.

But I think they will get abused as well and loose importance. They may however stay relevant in closed - trusted - services.

OK I probably think you didn't get all of what i just said because i admint i didn't explain very well and it was not a real answer to your question. However if you want to you can google up on the terms and get what i mean.

Please excuse my running off the topic. But maby this will be the point of entry for a better understanding of structured web and meta tags for you.

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