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could someone please post me the maven 2 dependency for ha-jdbc and if there is any need to add extra repository?

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The Laughingpanda repository seems to have it: http://www.laughingpanda.org/maven2/ha-jdbc/ha-jdbc/

You'll need to add that repository to your pom, too, something like this:

        <name>Laughing Panda</name>

Btw, http://mavensearch.net/ is usually a good point for searching maven artifacts (excluding this one however .. )


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hi @mglauche, i actually noticed later, that the repository does not contain the latest version, rather a very old version. i am still looking for the right one. please let me know if you found it. – Ikthiander Feb 8 '11 at 13:06

Ideally you should have a maven repository of yours which queries other repositories when it doesn't have a specific library. In that repository you can manually add libraries which are not available through any other maven repository. That is what we are planning to do with ha-jdbc. BTW did your experiment with ha-jdbc go well?

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