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so I installed this: http://www.vimov.com/isimulate/ then i removed it because i didn't need it anymore. But now I get this warning every time I compile:

ld: warning: directory '/Users//../../Downloads/libisimulate-4.x-1.5-20100925-opengl' following -L not found

I deleted all. I searched for anything which contains "isim" with the finder and i did not find anything. What's wrong?

EDIT: And it says something with Project <App name> Configuration Debug

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What build environment/tools? I assume from your handle this is for Mac/Iphone? My guess is that your Makefile has your library directory added to it, which is being passed to ld. Ld is just complaining that the directory no longer exists. –  CoreyStup Jan 31 '11 at 15:57
I'm using Xcode and developing for the iPhone. How can I remove this warning? Because it's annoying me ;) –  cocos2dbeginner Jan 31 '11 at 15:58

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XCode ld: warning: directory .. following -F not found To resolve this warning in XCode, browse the App Target Preference and look for library paths. Make sure you remove ant invalid search paths, rebuild. Warning should disappear.

ld: warning: directory '/some path' following -F not found

This worked.

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