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I find it hard to believe that this question doesn't exist on SO, but I couldn't find an instance or one similar for Perl....

Anyway, what Perl module should I use to attach multiple files to an email?

Currently, I'm using this code to send an email with a single attachment, but I couldn't figure out how to modify it to handle multiple attachments:

my $mail_fh = \*MAIL;
open $mail_fh, "|uuencode $attachment $attachment |mailx -m -s \"$subject\" -r $sender $recipient";
print $mail_fh $message;

Can this code block be modified to handle multiple attachments? Or do I have to use a special module to pull this off? If so, what is the module and how would I script it out?

Thanks for any help!

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There are a myriad Mail modules on CPAN - choose one and use it. And don't use uuencode; it was replaced by Base-64 encoding for a lot of good reasons. – Jonathan Leffler Jan 31 '11 at 16:00

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I ended up going with an example using MIME::Lite found here

use MIME::Lite;
use Getopt::Std;

my $SMTP_SERVER = '';             #change
my $DEFAULT_SENDER = '';       #change
my $DEFAULT_RECIPIENT = ''; #change

MIME::Lite->send('smtp', $SMTP_SERVER, Timeout=>60);

my (%o, $msg);

# process options

getopts('hf:t:s:', \%o);

$o{f} ||= $DEFAULT_SENDER;
$o{s} ||= 'Files';

if ($o{h} or !@ARGV) {
    die "usage:\n\t$0 [-h] [-f from] [-t to] [-s subject] files ...\n";

# construct and send email

$msg = new MIME::Lite(
    From => $o{f},
    To   => $o{t},
    Subject => $o{s},
    Data => "Data",
    Type => "multipart/mixed",

while (@ARGV) {
  $msg->attach('Type' => 'application/octet-stream',
               'Encoding' => 'base64',
               'Path' => shift @ARGV);

$msg->send(  );

example usage:

./ -f cheese -t queso -s subject /home/id/cheeseconqueso/some_dir/example1.xls /home/id/cheeseconqueso/some_other_dir/*.xls
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See attach_file in Email::Stuff, or Email::MIME if you need more control.

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Despite mixed ratings, I've found Mail::Sender (and it's pal Mail::Sender::Easy) darn good and straightforward to use, and looks like it can handle multiple attachments.

I found the interface to be extremely annoying in Mail::Internet.

Anything should be better than what you have above, though. :-)

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