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i have something like this for my own little bookmarklet:

jQuery('#fire').click(function() {
for (counter=0; counter<links; counter++) {
 var currentLink = jQuery('body').find('.imageWrap:eq('+counter+')').attr("href");
 var newWindow = window.open(currentLink);
    /* and here close the popup when the site is completely loaded */

can anyone help me out?

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Using newWindow.onload = newWindow.close(); should work. It's binding the close function of the window to the onload event handler (which fires when the page has finished loading).

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To do that, you need to access the newly window object created's onload handler like this:

url = '_blank';

newWindow = window.open( url );
   function() { alert('loaded'); }

But if think there will be browser restrictions if you're opening URL from external domains.

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I think you could also do: $(newWindow.document).ready(function() { ... }) just to keep it within the jquery syntax and all the goodies it brings.

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