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is posible remove the automatic horizontal scrollbar in a wxgrid?

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Unfortunately, no. As I found in the mailing archives from Robin Dunn, wx developer and wxPython creator/maintainer:

Although you can deactivate the scrollbars by using the wx.Window and wx.ScrolledWindow methods dealing with scrolling, the Grid class resets itself at various points and they just come back. So there really isn't any way to disable the scrollbars, other than making the window large enough that they are not needed.


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show horizontal, hide vertical scroll bar:


hide horizontal and vertical scroll bar:

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This works, great! –  Django May 29 at 12:00
When you activate the vertical scrollbar it 'eats in' on the width of the column next to it. Is there a way to really set it next to the column without decreasing the column width of the outer right column? –  Django May 29 at 12:07

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