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This may sounds like a obvious question, but I'm missing something about either how UTF-8 is encoded or how the toUtf8 function works.

Let's look at a very simple program

QString str("Müller");
qDebug() << str << str.toUtf8().toHex();

Then I get the output

"Müller" "4dc383c2bc6c6c6572" 

But I got the idea the the letter ü should have been encoded as c3bc and not c383c2bc.

Thanks Johan

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It depends on the encoding of your source code.

I tend to think that your file is already encoded in UTF-8, the character ü being encoded as C3 BC.

You're calling the QString::QString ( const char * str ) constructor which, according to http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/qstring.html#QString-8, converts your string to unicode using the QString::fromAscii() method which by default considers the input as Latin1 contents.

As C3 and BC are both valid in Latin 1, representing respectively à and ¼, converting them to UTF-8 will lead to the following characters:

à (C3) -> C3 83

¼ (BC) -> C2 BC

which leads to the string you get: "4d c3 83 c2 bc 6c 6c 65 72"

To sum things up, it's double UTF-8 encoding.

There are several options to solve this issue:

1) You can convert your source file to Latin-1 using your favorite text editor.

2) You can properly escape the ü character into \xFC in the litteral string, so the string won't depend on the file's encoding.

3) you can keep the file and string as UTF-8 data and use QString str = QString::fromUtf8 ("Müller");

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Running your code I get expected result


I think the problem is with your input not output. Check the encoding of your source file and look at void QTextCodec::setCodecForCStrings ( QTextCodec * codec ) [static]

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