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from this:

   // parts of c++0x std
    #include <boost/bind.hpp> 
    #include <boost/function.hpp>

    #ifndef _IGraphElement_h_
    #define _IGraphElement_h_

    using namespace std ;
    template <typename DataType >
    class IGraphElement : public IGraphElementBase{

        typedef boost::function<void(DataType)>   Function;
        typedef std::vector<Function>      FunctionSequence;  // (line *)
        typedef FunctionSequence::iterator FunctionIterator; // (line **)

I get C2146 and C4430 on line ** at the same time!( How to fix such thing?

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When you get errors with templates and typedef, there's an 85% chance that you forgot a typename. :) – Matteo Italia Jan 31 '11 at 16:28

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typedef FunctionSequence::iterator FunctionIterator; // (line **)

This should be written as,

typedef typename FunctionSequence::iterator FunctionIterator;

Since iterator is a dependent name, so typename is required!

Read about dependent name here:

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Yey!) You are the best Nawaz!!!! THANK YOU WW MUCH!))) – Rella Jan 31 '11 at 16:29
  • You need a typename as mentioned by others (read this for more details).
  • You forgot ; in InitGet method after dataElement = DataElement.
  • You miss some headers, GraphItemMutex, GraphItemMutexConditionVariable and GraphWorker objects.
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