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I've tried using SNNS but only on a Linux machine, and it's fairly awful. Since my home machine is Windows 7, I was hoping there'd be a decent neural network simulator for Windows. SNNS does have a Java version, but it's equally as if not more awful to use.

Any suggestions?

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Assuming you want a free solution, there's Emergent and Neural Lab. Emergent has a better community, plus Neural Lab is still being developed. There are paid programs too, but I figure an edu sim should work just as well (it probably has a worse interface is all).

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I don't know ANYTHING about this topic, but maybe this comparison chart will help?

Neural Network Simulators

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The Fast Artificial Neural Network library (FANN) is a free open source neural network library, which implements multilayer artificial neural networks in C and supports both fully and sparsely connected networks. FANNTool is a GUI to the FANN library which allows its easy usage without the need o programming


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