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I want to make a generic voting controller for lots of different controllers.

I'm using the Thumbs_up gem which was formerly the vote_fu gem.

My form looks like so which is a partial with the object @voteable:

<strong class="result">Votes: <%= voteable.votes_for - voteable.votes_against %></strong>

<%= form_tag user_votes_path(current_user) do |f| %>
    <%= radio_button_tag :thumb_direction, :up %>
    <%= radio_button_tag :thumb_direction, :down %>
    <%= hidden_field_tag :voteable, @voteable %>
    <%= submit_tag :vote %>
<% end %>

However when I try passing the voteable object into the controller directly it doesn't work.

undefined method `base_class' for String:Class

My question is then how to polymorphically look up the same object... ie pass the voteable_type and _id instead of the object itself... Unless there is some other easier way?

Controller looks like this

  def create
    #@user = User.find(params[:user_id])[:voteable], :direction => params[:thumb_direction], :exclusive => true)


  resources :users do
    resources :votes
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Did something like this

  def create
    voteable_class = params[:voteable_type].constantize
    voteable_id = (params[:voteable_type].downcase + "_id").to_sym
    voteable_instance = voteable_class.find(params[voteable_id]), :direction => params[:thumb_direction], :exclusive => true)
    redirect_to :back

And changed my routes for the nested voting resource on each model I wanted to use it.


<%= form_tag [voteable,] do |f| %>
    <%= radio_button_tag :thumb_direction, :up %>
    <%= radio_button_tag :thumb_direction, :down %>
    <%= hidden_field_tag :voteable_type, voteable.class %>
    <%= submit_tag :vote %>
<% end %>
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