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I'm making a game with OpenGL render api. Now I need in level editor. It should consist of lots of widgets parents/children etc, so it's hard to write need widgets by hands. Any ideas about good gui-system which can be easilly connected with opengl? The most important part is gui editing. I really need some editing-tool for it.


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You should have a look to .

It is very easy to inject the OpenGL rendering into Qt widgets.

To easily edit your GUI, you can use Qt Creator ( ).

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You have several options (and this has been answered before, but probably not exactly like this):

  1. SDL: very good abstraction layer for audio, graphics and anything related. It will force you to write your widget stuff by hand.
  2. Qt: has an OpenGL module that makes it easy to set up an OpenGL context. It will make widgets and everything very easy.
  3. wxWidgets: same as Qt, but has slightly worse documentation and tools (if I might be so blunt)

I'd go with number two: it has a beautiful Designer tool to create Widgets with all the fancyness you'll need. OpenGL is also built right in.

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Check out CEGUI:

It defines its GUIs in XML and has editors for it.

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If you're running Windows (can't confirm Mono will do it), another option would be to use C# and WinForms to make your life significantly easier.

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