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I have been working on a simple hangman game. It is envoked from a main menu. The activity has worked perfectly for several days, but now the app crashes (in the emulator) when envoking the hangman activity. I have the activity in the androidmanifest.xml. I even loaded an older version of the activity, but it still crashes. The other activities work fine. All the menu items are in a ListView.

The activity is defined in the androidmanifest.xml:

<activity android:name=".Hangman"></activity> 

Any advice is appreciated.

Example code:

public void onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v,
  int position, long id) {

case 0: 
intent = new Intent(v.getContext(), VoiceManager.class);
 startActivityForResult(intent, 0);
  case 2:
   intent = new Intent(v.getContext(), Hangman.class);
    startActivityForResult(intent, 0); // Crashes here.
  case 3:
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first: accept some answers... 0% is not a good community behavior. second: post the error message from the LogCat... –  WarrenFaith Jan 31 '11 at 18:53
Do you definitely know it's not starting hangman onCreate? Did you know you can use lines like: /*DEBUG*/Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "onCreate: Started"); to output to LogCat? (The /*DEBUG*/ is so I can easily change it to //DEBUG*/ if not required, rather than delete it) –  FrinkTheBrave Jan 31 '11 at 19:01
Post your Hangman class, please. –  Arhimed Jan 31 '11 at 19:48

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