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This is the exact representation of a WCF interface and class that I have.

I would like to know how to write a NUnit test for this... using the interface for mocking.

The main thing is I am NOT looking to add a service reference for the WCF service integration test. But some thing more concentrated for the unit testing part. Specifically to test the ProcessStuff method.

namespace CompanyName.Services.ProcessStuff {
 public class ProcessStuffService : IProcessStuff

        public string ProcessStuff(string input)
            ISomeOtherInterface ProcessManager = new ProcessManager();
            return ProcessManager.ProcessStuff(input);            


namespace CompanyName.Common.FacadeInterfaces
    [ServiceContract(Namespace = "", Name = "Process Stuff Service")]
    public interface IProcessStuff
        [OperationContract(Name = "ProcessStuff")]
        string ProcessStuff(string input);
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Okay, I might have mis-read the question, so feel free to clarify.

If the method under test is:


The IProcessStuff interface is irrelevant. You would create a new Process Manager and call this method.

// You would pass mocks IN to the process manager if it required them here...
var processManager = new ProcessManager();
var result = processManager.ProcessStuff(testInput);

So in this case, I cannot see what Interface you want to mock.

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