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I have written a custom interceptor that does some parameter validation. I want to be able to return an error code and serialize a JAXB-annotated class as the response body.

If I throw a WebApplicationException, it doesn't have any special processing done to serialize the Response object inside (which makes sense; I assume that is done by another interceptor).

How should I go about stopping the interceptor chain but still have JAXB serialize the response entity?

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Well, at least in the CXF JAX-RS interceptor flow, if you set:

message.getExchange().put(Response.class, response);

...then the actual service does not get invoked, while the other phases do get invoked. Haven't dug in to the CXF code to see where that logic kicks in.

So I built a response like this:

Response response = Response
    .entity(new ErrorEntity("This is a JAXB object with an error string"))

I also have some custom authentication running in a CXF JAX-RS filter and I only want to check the parameters when the authentication is alright, so I set my parameter interceptor class to run during the PRE_INVOKE phase.

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