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object(stdClass)#25 (7) {
        string(2) "27"
        string(1) "5"
        string(19) "2011-01-31 02:40:38"
        array(2) {
            array(2) {
                  string(5) "state"
                  string(2) "FL"
            array(2) {
                  string(7) "zipcode"
                  string(5) "12343"

I have this object structure for a Store and one of its attributes is an assoc. array of options (pulled from a DB). There can be zero to many options, but key will always be unique. I need a way to take the options assoc. array and turn it into something like this:

    array(1) {
      ["state"] => "FL",
      ["zipcode"] => "12343"

Don't know if my syntax is correct for the result I want but I basically want to do:

echo $store_obj->options['state']

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Let's say the object is called $store_obj.

$store = array();
foreach($store->options as $opt){
  $store_obj[$opt['key']] = $opt['value'];
$store_obj->options = $store;

Now you should be able to echo $store_obj->options['state'].

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Assuming that options is in $object->options:

$newOptions = array();    
array_walk($object->options, function($opt) use (&$newOptions) {
   list($key, $value) = $opt;
   $newOptions[$key] = $value;    
$object->options = $newOptions //reasing filtered options to options property

Note: When using code in that form PHP 5.3 is needed.

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+1 for the functional programming style :) – Radoslav Georgiev Jan 31 '11 at 20:25

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