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I have recorded a very simple test case Using the Selenium IDE integrated with Firefox. I want the test case to run continuously over a period of time. How can I make the test run continuously?

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You can use Selenium Remote Control to launch the running of your tests from the command line.

  1. Save your test from the IDE in a Test Suite

  2. Run your test suite from the command-line with the following syntax.

  3. Use your favorite scripting language to script the re-running of your test over and over

An alternate approach would be to save your test from the IDE into a Test Suite, and then open the suite in a text editor and copy/paste the same tests hundreds/thousands of times. I've never tried it, but assuming the IDE doesn't choke on large Suite files, this would let you run the test X number of times again and again.

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Try the flowControl Selenium extension.

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If you want your test to run continuously in Selenium IDE then use infinite while loop command provided in IDE extension plug-in like ISFW IDE extension Plug in.

steps look like:


Your steps


You can also utilize define module command provided in ISFW plugin.

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Command   Target    Value
Label     Jump1
Your Script Line1
goto      Jump1

This will keep on executing the set of your commands again and again.

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This assumes that you have the Selblocks extension installed: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/selenium-ide-sel-blocks – Chris Noe Aug 29 '12 at 18:02

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