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This is a program when i type "kutty" it should say me "Hello kutty" but this code is not working.

import java.util.*;
public class Kutty
    public static void main(String args[])
        byte a[]={5,2,3};
        String c;
        Scanner scan=new Scanner(;;
            System.out.println("Hello" +c);
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This is bugging me. Can you change it to kitty please? :-) – CoolBeans Jan 31 '11 at 21:37

Use equals() instead of == to compare strings. == does an identity comparison instead of object equivalence, which is what you want.

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Java doesn't compare Strings the same way that other languages do.

Use the .equals() method instead of the == operator like so:

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You should see this question -

Using '==' instead of .equals for Java strings

In it lies your answer. You are incorrectly using '==' instead of .equals

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You will want to use equals, otherwise you're only comparing memory addresses (e.g., the pointers are the same).


if ("kutty".equals(c)) {
  // ... 

As another side note, it's always preferable to have constant values on the left hand side, it helps in avoiding NullPointerException to occur in those cases the variable (here c) happens to be null.

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You're comparing references. Instead you should use if (c.equals("kutty")) {...}

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Use the String.equals(String other) function to compare strings, not the == operator.

The function checks the actual contents of the string, the == operator checks whether the references to the objects are equal. So use if(c.equals("kutty"))

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