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I have two tables with identical structure.

old_table looks something (example, not actual table) like this:

Name  -  DOB  - id
John  -  xxxx - 344

new_table looks like this:

Name  - DOB  - id
John  - 1980 - 344

Where the new_table has the DOB column filled in. The ID field (unique) and the rest of the structure is the same between tables. I want to update the DOB fields in the old_table with the values from the new_table where the ID fields are the same (so in the above example where the 'id'=344, etc, for all rows and ids).

I was thinking of using: INSERT INTO old_table (DOB) SELECT DOB FROM new_table WHERE...

but then my mysql knowledge trails off. Should I even be using INSERT or can I use UPDATE here? And how do I only pull the DOB value from the old_table where the ID field = the ID field of the new_table?


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UPDATE old_table, new_table
    SET old_table.DOB = new_table.DOB
    WHERE old_table.id = new_table.id

EDIT: Based on comment from OP

UPDATE old_table, new_table
    SET old_table.DOB = new_table.DOB
    WHERE old_table.id = new_table.id
        AND old_table.DOB = 'xxxx'
        AND old_table.field4 = '-'
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this works great but what if I want to only update rows WHERE old_table.DOB = 'xxxx' AND old_table.field4 = '-' ? –  themerlinproject Jan 31 '11 at 21:35
@user410341: Simply add those conditions to the WHERE clause. See my edit. –  Joe Stefanelli Jan 31 '11 at 21:37

use update UPDATE old table ot set DOB=(select DOB from newTable nt where nt.id=ot.id) something like that should work

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