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I've inherited some older 3DS maxscripts for exporting in 3D StudioMax 8. We'd like to leverage these scripts to be used in 3D StudioMax 2011, but have been unsuccessful. Is there a way to quickly convert or will this require some engineering?

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It would require engineering. You would have to rewrite \ update the non working parts of your scripts unfortunately.

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Actually most of the time maxscripts wouldn't require to be changed between different versions of Max.

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Could any issues running the scripts in 3DS 2011 be derived from hardcoded version information inside the scripts? The scripts were written for 3DS 8 and have several variable references inside the scripts to that(i.e. 'version=8') – Matt Cullerton Feb 11 '11 at 16:39
Yep if they coded those kinds of logic then it could potentially cause issues. To check the version of Max, they should have used MaxVersion() function so searching for that would give you a good starting point. Although the way I would expect the version logic not to be limited to 8, but make it like if it's 8 or beyond, so that it would work on any version of Max, 8 and beyond. – Joan Venge Feb 11 '11 at 18:39

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