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I am playing around with mysql2 ( and mysql 5) gem and the results and the Enumerable results.

I can run queries such as

results = client.query("select now()")

And I can also run queries such as

results = client.query("select version()")

But what I want to do is take it up a notch. In real life, I assume people run multiple queries. So how would I make sure that I can get the version and the time in one shot.


Things that I have tried that do not work:

results = client.query("select version(); select now()")

The error I get is:

Mysql2::Error: You have an error in your SQL Syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your Mysql Version for the right syntax to use near 'select now()' at line1

Now I understand that I can run the following queries in Mysql Console and get the results back, how would I do the same thing in Mysql2 Gem:

select version();select now()

How would I do the same with Mysql2 gem in that one command line(or do I need two). I ask because in real life, people usually run multiple queries to get the results in the way they want them in.

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I figured it out. This works similar to Mysql Console. Instead of results = client.query("select now(), select version()") you do a single select statement. So to make it work, it would have to be results = client.query("select version(),now()") –  John Jan 31 '11 at 22:20

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I solved this issue by adding this default query option before connecting to MySQL :

Mysql2::Client.default_query_options[:connect_flags] |= Mysql2::Client::MULTI_STATEMENTS

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You can just select multiple things at once using a , as in:


If you need them into one result, then the following will work:

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