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Is there some way to synchronise emulator time and system time with milliseconds accuracy? So the call System.currentTimeMillis() would return the same time as call gettimeofday() in C?

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I am not sure that I understand the question 100%.

If you look in dalvik/vm/native/java_lang_System.c you will see:

static void Dalvik_java_lang_System_currentTimeMillis(const u4* args, JValue* pResult)
    struct timeval tv;


    gettimeofday(&tv, (struct timezone *) NULL);
    long long when = tv.tv_sec * 1000LL + tv.tv_usec / 1000;


So System.currentTimeMillis() calls gettimeofday() - at least in the dalvik implementation that I am looking at.

What about using an app like ClockSync to set the time on the emulator. It uses the ntp protocol which you could also use on your host PC.

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Unfortunately, Android does not allow time to be set by an app without root. So you can set time only if you root the emulator.

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