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Using CakePHP 1.3, is there is a callback that is fired after a saveAll() on a model, or a way to implement such a behavior?

Maybe afterSave() already does this?

Specifically, I would like to run a couple particular methods, but only after related items have been saved, and only if the parent item is a newly saved instance.

Something like the $created argument, passed to afterSave(), obviously seems perfect, but I'm at least 90% certain that afterSave() is called on a model after the initial save -- which I understand has to happen before the related models are saved (so that they have something to put in the FK field).

What do you suggest for obtaining this behavior?

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afterSave() just like save() ...

its called for each model, saveall is just a foreach with save() so the afterSave will be called in each model that the final save() is called in

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Can't you just do something like this:

if($this->Recipe->saveAll($this->data)) {
    //Do some stuff and checking for new insert.

Perhaps you can tell that it's a created item because you won't be passing an id. I don't know because you haven't posted any code.

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There isn't a callback for Model::saveAll() built into CakePHP, but I believe you can override that method on the model to create your own, like so:

// In your Model class...
function saveAll($data = null, $options = array()) {
    parent::saveAll($data, $options); 
    $this->afterSaveAll(); // Your new custom callback. 

function afterSaveAll() { 
    // Callback code. 

I am not currently sure about how to produce a $created variable behavior similar to what Model::afterSave() has, however.

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One note on this: ensure that your overriding saveAll() method returns a boolean. Otherwise, you'll probably get an error reported. For example, using the code above, return $this->AfterSaveAll(). I bumped into this while working on a similar problem where I had omitted the return statement. –  Rob Wilkerson Jul 24 '11 at 15:12

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