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after some days playing with the app engine I managed to block my app. The situation is that I deployed a project into GAE with a cron job running every 2 mins and it run out of cpu time (currently 6.5hours every 24 hours). And being a cron job it keeps running and running. I can´t upload a plain cron.xml to remove the old one because I have not cpu quota, so I have to wait until the 24 hours deadline resets my quota time.

Is there a way to remove a cron in this situation without having to wait until the deadline?? (it would be so simple if google had provided a "delete cron" button in the admin panel...)

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You don't need CPU quota to upload a new version of your app. Just upload an empty one using the standard deployment process.

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Hi, thanks. I was getting a 500 error message while uploading so I though it was due to quota limits. –  figurebelow Feb 2 '11 at 0:56

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