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I reviewing some PL/SQL code and I came across the following in the scripts:

SHOW error

grant execute on someName1 to someName2;

SHOW error

Reviewing the documentation for PL/SQL I could not find an explanation what the /'s do.

Can anyone enlighten me?

  • Update: I opened the file that includes this script in SQL Developer for Mac. Compiling it gives the error "encountered the symbol '/'". Should these slashes be removed?
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Just a note: SHOW error is also a SQL Plus command, not part of PL/SQL. As to whether the / should be removed, how are the scripts generally used, if working with a team, there needs to be some agreement about tools and how scripts will be constructed. –  Shannon Severance Feb 1 '11 at 6:03

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"/" executes the sql command in the current buffer. It similar to GO of SQL Server

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The slash basically executes the latest command stored in the buffer.

It's kind of a clunky thing, but a lot of PL/SQL interpreters/engines like SQL Plus require you to enter a "/" after every complete statement to actually execute it and see the results.


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