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how can I define a choose/2 to give infinite answers

  choose(List, Elt) :-
    length(List, Length),
    random(0, Length, Rand),
    nth1(Rand, List, Elt).

my choose/2 gives only one answer


?- choose([1,2,3],Elt).
Elt = 1;
Elt = 1;
Elt = 3;
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Simple: Append as the second clause

choose(List, E) :- choose(List, E).

to your program. By the way, you seem to want nth0/3 instead of nth1/3. And a better, more declarative name instead of "choose/2" is for example "list_choice/2".

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Try using repeat:

choose(L, O) :- repeat, member(O, L).

it will backtrack through all the members of list, then repeat will cause it to try all those members again.

?- choose([1,2,3],Out). Out = 1 ; Out = 2 ; Out = 3 ; Out = 1 ; Out = 2 ; Out = 3 ;

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