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I want to handle an event when my draggable item was dropped but not inside my droppable item. So far I could get only this far:

  stop: function (event, ui) {
      if (event.srcElement.id != 'myDroppable'){
         // Missed

But the problem is that I'm chaning #myDroppable element when something is added to it. So next time I drop something to it event.srcElement.id may not be myDroppable, but any id of its new children. I could add an overlay on top, but when there is a scrollbar it gets more complicated. Is there another way to handle this event?

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if ($(event.srcElement).parents().andSelf().has("#myDroppable").length === 0)

Take your element, Grab it's entire parent chain add the current element then reduce it to the set matching "#myDroppable". If it's length is 0 then your not dropping it into your droppable.

I'm not to certain with that plugin but normally this === event.srcElement

.parents .andSelf .has

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it's weird, but event.srcElement cannot be converted to a jQuery object, it becomes null after $(event.srcElement) however its type is HTMLElementDiv in my case. Also I was looking for more efficient way of doing that, checking for every element in the container doesn't look like a good solution. –  Maksim Vi. Feb 1 '11 at 20:49

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