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specifically I need to work with the Shading lenguage GLSL. I have already installed NDK, SDK and everything else and is runing ok, i ran an example with openGLES 2 using NDK and it works fine, the problem is that there are many instructions that I dont't undestand. so i need a tutorial or book that teach me that step by step

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I suggest that you start by reading some of the tutorials on the Khronos site and from the OpenGL Programmers Guide.

I suggest you start with the "Hello Triangle" demo first.

There are two links.

  1. Tutorial on Hello Triangle
  2. Source Code for Hello Triangle -- Look at Chapter 2

For the good old cube demo, check this out.

The code is written in WebGL, but you can convert it.

This site contains all of the downloadable samples from the Programmer's Guide. They are pretty good. They are in the source repository.

I also enjoyed looking through the "full spec" from the Khronos Site.

The Shader Language is weird at first -- but you'll grasp it with enough tutorials.

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