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Here's my problem: I'm looking for a way to work with 'not anonymous' function in Mootools. Can't find a way to work it out, and I couldn't find doc about it.

Example: var myInput = new Element('input', { type: 'text', value: 'hello world', events: {blur: function(){ .... } }; });

OR $$('td[title]').addEvents('dblclick':function(){...});

AND a Simple function function sayHello(){alert('hello')}

What should I do if I want onBlur/ondblClick event calls an existing function (eg. sayHello) ? I know I could call my existing function inside the anonymous one, but is there any better/suitable way to do that call ? I'm stuck on that problem for a few days, maybe it's quite simple, but I simply can't figure it out.

Thank you.

EDIT : How could I missed that ??? Thank you guys for the help, worked great !

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Functions are first class citizens in Javascript, so you can reference them like this:

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because a function is a variable, you can use it as you would use a variable, in this case as a value of a hash

also i should point out that both of these functions will have the same name:

function sayHello(){}


var sayHello = function(){}

they both make a function called 'sayHello' (with subtle differences that you dont care about right now)

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Simply pass in a reference to your function directly, as if it were any other variable:

var myInput = new Element('input', {
    type: 'text',
    value: 'hello world',
    events: {blur: sayHello}
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