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I am having issues attempting to replicate a chart that has been generated in Microsoft Excel 2007 by using the Microsoft Chart Control for .Net

The chart is showing the TOP 5 entries for each Month (each month could have a different 5 entries) of the year and then showing a breakdown of some metrics

I can get the data perfectly fine, the issue comes down to the fact that in the Excel chart it has formatted the X-Axis labels as shown in the following image: Microsoft Excel 2007 Chart Which is how we want the axis formatted so that each Month name is only listed once for the 5 sub categories that are for that month.

But I do not know how to reproduce this using the Microsoft Chart Control, when I use the same data for the chart control it formats the X-Axis as (ignore colors and such): Microsoft Chart Control version I have bound the data so that the XAxis value is "January AAA-BBB", I'm thinking that maybe I need to separate out the Month portion into some other axis value that can be formatted/grouped separately.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have managed to use a series of CustomLabel's that I manually position to be under the correct "sections".

foreach (string monthName in monthNames)
    CustomLabel monthLabel = new CustomLabel(startOffset, endOffset, monthName, 1,     LabelMarkStyle.Box);
    //increment startOffset and endOffset enough to position the next label
    //under the correct "section"
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Disclosure : I work for Nevron

This solution will not work, because it will be hard to tell how much to offset those labels. In order for it to work you need to measure the labels and take into account their orientation. The only chart so far to support this feature in the component world is Nevron Chart (http://www.nevron.com), where this feature is called Hierarchical axis and can contain an arbitrary number of grouping levels - check out the following example:


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