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I want to embed a dictionary file as a resource into my project so that it's part of the application instead of just a separate file. The function to load the dictionary will take either a URi or a string as the path to the file. (Example: spellChecker.MainDictionary.LoadAsync(URiToMyDictionaryFile);).

How do I access a file set as "resource" or "embedded resource"? Also, what' the difference between the two?

The goal is just to have the file as part of the application so I don't have to worry about making sure it's included when the app is distributed.

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The difference between "Embedded Resource" and a "Resource" from Silverlight's point of view is that Silverlight can't access an "Embedded Resource" so don't use it.

To access a file added to the dll assembly as a "Resource" you need to add the name of the assembly plus ";component" as the first element of the Uri that accesses it:-

 spellChecker.MainDictionary.LoadAsync(new Uri("/yourProjectName;component/yourDictionary.dic",UriKind.Relative));

If you are building a XAP (that is you're not creating a Silverlight library) then have you considered using "Content" instead of "Resource". This includes the file as part of the XAP alongside the dll rather than storing it in the dll.

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For some odd reason it's still not working for me. I've added the file to the project, set it as a resource, and used the following code: Uri dctUri = new Uri("/SpellCheckTestPrj;component/C1Spell_en-US.dct", UriKind.Relative); spellChecker.MainDictionary.LoadAsync(dctUri); But when attempting to load it like that it states that it can't be found. I coded the project to pop up a messagebox with the error that gets thrown, which I've posted a screenshot of here: tweaksforgeeks.com/shatner/DctLoadError.png Images and whatnot that I reference in that manner in the XAML work fine. –  Sootah Feb 1 '11 at 9:55
Is the resource dictionary you are trying to load at the root of the project structure or is it inside a folder? For example, if your setup is something like SilverlightProject > ResourcesFolder > dictionary.xaml, the Uri becomes "SilverlightProject;component/ResourcesFolder/dictionary.xaml" –  avanek Feb 1 '11 at 13:31
Yeah, it's at the root. –  Sootah Feb 1 '11 at 15:18

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