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I would like to be able to run a function from the directory where it is defined. Let's say this is my folder structure:


and I have all directories in my MATLAB path, so I am able to call the functions that are in these directories.

Let's say my function "func" resides in 'matlab/functions1'. My function contains command

csvwrite('data.csv', data(:));

Now, if I call "func" from ./matlab, 'data.csv' gets created in ./matlab. If I call it from ./matlab/functions2, it will get created in that directory. But I would like for the function to write 'data.csv' always in the directory, where the function is defined (./matlab/functions1), no matter what my current directory is. How can I achieve that?

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mfilename called from 'inside' a function returns the function path and name.

fullPath = mfilename('fullpath');
pathString = fileparts(fullPath);
dataPath = [ pathString filesep 'data.csv'];
csvwrite(dataPath, data(:));
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In addition to what @zellus suggested, you can use functions to get information on a specific function, regardless of any m file being executed at the same moment. You set the function of interest by giving functions the function handle:

funInfo = functions(@func);
fullPath = funInfo.file;
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Is there a similar function for class files ? –  Carel Jun 5 '12 at 16:05

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