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When I try to use filter2 function of MATLAB I found that is based on the conv2 function.

But editing this function (edit conv2) I didn't found anything, just a simple commentary.

Please, I want to know how this function (conv2) use these arguments, hcol, hrow, image and the shape='same' to compute the output image. Or where can I find the conv2 MATLAB function?

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Have a look at mathworks.com/help/techdoc/ref/conv2.html –  zellus Feb 1 '11 at 5:02
The reason edit conv2 didn't reveal any code, is that this function is not implemented as a Matlab script, but as a function from external library. –  Itamar Katz Feb 1 '11 at 8:34
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You can use the "help" and "doc" functions to get such information on all MATLAB functions. Just write

help conv2


doc conv2

The help function will give you some information in the command window, while the doc function opens the MATLAB documentation.

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